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What is a hybrid diaper?

A hybrid diaper allows families to choose different inserts to fit their needs. It is comprised of a reusable cloth diaper cover that is a paired with the insert of your choice.

Real life demands flexibility. With the Flip™ hybrid diaper system, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their changing needs. Change it up with stay-dry, organic cotton or disposable inserts. 

EFFECTIVE. Stay-dry inserts pull moisture away from baby's bum so they feel dry.
GENTLE. Organic cotton is a gentle fiber for baby's delicate skin.
CONVENIENT. Choose disposable while traveling or on the go.
OPTIONS. Use a nighttime insert for overnight or heavy wetters.
VERSATILE. Not ready to commit to cloth diapers? That's ok. You can use a Flip diaper cover over a disposable diaper to prevent blowouts.

The Flip Diapering System is manufactured by Cotton Babies, makers of bumGenius, but comes at a much lower price point than other hybrid products on the market.

Flip Diapers 30 Day Guarantee

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON SELECT DIAPER PRODUCTS Purchase select bumGenius, Flip, Econobum, or Elemental Joy product. Try it and see how simple cloth diapering can be. If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a refund.  Details: Products excluded from this guarantee include adult personal care items, all non-diapering items, and consumables. Product must be returned clean and unstained. You must get an RMA number for your package. Product must be postmarked within 30 days of your order's shipping date. Tracking label must be attached and intact for returns. The entire product must be returned (inserts, etc). Refund is of...

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