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In an industry filled with abundant diversity, we endeavor to build bridges with people, not walls over differences. When designing brands, our goal is to support parents at every point on the spectrum and offer a variety of customizable options to fit their unique needs.

When we designed the Flip Diapering System, we wanted to give parents a less expensive, hybrid diapering system that provided both reusable and disposable diapering options properly addressing the diversity of each family’s needs. Some families really want stay-dry fabric, others strongly prefer organics and most (not all) need a disposable option for baby at some point in their diapering years. The Flip Diapering System is manufactured from the same high quality materials used in all our brands but comes at a much lower price point than other hybrid products on the market.

Our goal as a company has always been to make it easy for more families to use cloth diapers.  In the process of creating options for a variety of families, we’ve expanded the cloth diapering world, creating room for more unique people. I like it that way. I hope you do too.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Labit, CEO
Owner of Cotton Babies, Inc.

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